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Welcome to Trinity College London in UAE. Trinity started exams in Dubai more than 30 years ago, and since that time has grown substantially, with 7 centres in Dubai, 5 centres in Abu Dhabi and 1 centre in Sharjah. Each year, more than 20 examiners assess in UAE.

In UAE, more than 100 schools and 400 teachers enrol candidates for exams.

Trinity offers support for music and drama events in many schools and training centres. 

Exams offered in UAE

  • Music
  • Rock & Pop
  • Drama and Communication Skills
  • English Language (GESE, ISE, Trinity Stars)


Contact details

Trinity College London regional service provider:


Centre name:


Centre address:

Dubai Knowledge Village, PO Box 502191, Block 13, Office G-31, Dubai, UAE

Phone number:

+9714 391 1949

Fax number:

+9714 390 4581

Email address:


Office hours:

Sun-Thurs 10:00-17:00
Sat 10:00-14:00

Contact 1:

Tyler Smith
Senior Vice President Asia
Music Co-ordinator

Contact 2:

Falguni Mehta
UAE Coordinator

Contact 3:

Afshaan Ali
Drama and Communication Skills Specialist

Contact 4:

Elshan Ahmad
Rock & Pop Co-ordinator

Contact 5:

Susan Jones
Lead Academic-English Language

Contact 6:

Erika Mabunga
Executive Assistant, SVP


How to become a Registered Centre  

Please see Become a Registered Exam Centre with Trinity.


Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tclmiddleeast 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tclmiddleeast 

Instagram: tclmiddleeast 


Candidate enrolment

For more information or to enrol for exams, please contact the Trinity office in Dubai at info@orpheus.ae or Falguni Mehta at falguni@orpheus.ae.

In case of conflicting exam dates, please see the information here.


Exam dates

Exams are offered in the following months:

Apr-May 2018 - (closing date 15 Feb)
June 2018      - (closing date 8 Feb)

Theory of Music
5 May 2018    - (closing date 15 Feb)

Rock & Pop
Mar 2018       - (closing date 21 Jan)
May-Jun 2018 - (closing date 15 Mar)

Drama and Communication Skills
May-Jun 2018 - (closing date 01 Mar)

English Language
Jun 2018        - (closing date 01 Mar)

If a candidate is absent due to illness or family emergency, the candidate can be offered a re-entry voucher for 50% of the fee paid which is valid for one year. Appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Trinity office within a week of the missed exam.


Exam fees

Exam fees are based on the academic year, September – August.



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