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Entry requirements

The entry requirements include:

  • minimum age: 18 although some course providers specify 20 or 21
  • educational background and qualifications: enough to allow trainees to enter higher education in their own countries
  • competence in spoken and written English: excellent and appropriate to a teacher and model of English language skills; speakers of English as a second or foreign language are welcome to apply for training places; all applicants will be assessed equally at interview
  • ability to explain the relevant features of English to learners and teach these in a communicative context
  • willingness to work cooperatively as a member of the training group and respond constructively to feedback on personal performance
  • potential for combined study including language description and analysis, and also rigorous practical training

For more details on entry requirements download the CertTESOL Summary Document. Individual course providers will give details of any additional requirements and their individual selection procedures.

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