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Listed SELT course provider status - information and applications


You can apply to become a listed Secure English Language Tests (SELT) course provider with Trinity by completing the application form and returning it to SELTprep@trinitycollege.co.uk.


Why offer preparation courses for Trinity SELTs?

  • Trinity is one of only two exam providers approved by UKVI
  • Trinity’s accessible exams test English at the specific level required by UKVI
  • Trinity has regular availability at its SELT centres across the UK, where candidates must take a Secure English Learning Test

Note: From November 2015, only SELT qualifications can be used for settlement and citizenship applications to UKVI.


Being a listed SELT course provider with Trinity means: 

  • Inclusion in our list of SELT course providers on our website with a link to your organisation’s website
  • Professional support and resources for teaching staff
  • A licence to use our SELT course provider logo:




To become a listed SELT course provider with Trinity you will need to meet certain requirements.

You must:

  • be offering or intending to offer a preparation course for Trinity SELTs in the UK,
  • be accredited with any of the UK Government recognised bodies or subject to inspections by an Educational Oversight Body approved by the Home Office,
  • enter a minimum of 50 candidates for Trinity SELTS in a year (including at least 1 candidate in the first 3 months), and
  • be of good repute and support Trinity’s values. For example, Trinity may check if your institution is under investigation by a regulatory body or if the institution has been previously de-registered by Trinity.

Trinity may make spot checks to ensure continuing compliance with these requirements.


SELT course preparation - exams and materials 

For course preparation materials and information visit SELT course preparation.


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