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Trinity’s range of Diplomas is being updated and some of our higher level qualifications are due to be withdrawn. For more details on which ones, and the timeline for withdrawal please read our news release.

Teaching diplomas have long been the traditionally preferred diploma option for students of Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, and Performance Skills, who were interested in passing on the skills they had gained and enjoyed through those modes of performance. In the past, teaching diploma assessment often included a compulsory performance programme.

Under current regulations, such a performance component is no longer considered relevant and students who wish to present performance should choose the Performance diploma options. All teaching diplomas now require substantial evidence of experience and expertise in teaching which is tested through an examination paper, through submitted written materials on aspects of teaching experience and through demonstration during a practical examination. The Trinity College London Licentiate in Teaching may be entered by candidates as specialist teachers or tutors in Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, or Communication Skills.

Candidates for Teaching diplomas are advised to read the Trinity Drama and Speech Diploma Syllabus thoroughly before selecting the style of diploma in which they will present for examination.

Candidates for Teaching diplomas should enjoy teaching. Licentiate candidates need to have had positive experience of group as well as individual teaching.

Full details of requirements may be found in the Trinity Drama and Speech Diplomas Syllabus.

Diploma Sample Written Papers

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