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Performing Speech and Drama

Trinity’s range of Diplomas is being updated and some of our higher level qualifications are due to be withdrawn. For more details on which ones, and the timeline for withdrawal please read our news release.

The Trinity College London Diplomas in Performing (Speech and Drama) offer a wide choice of performance material, and candidates are encouraged to choose suitable material from their own country or culture where appropriate within the syllabus guidelines.

The Associate Diploma in Performing is a one-unit qualification normally taken by those pursuing professional excellence in performance. The performance standard required is broadly speaking that of the first year of a university degree course.

The performance requirement is a 25-minute programme containing two contrasting dramatic extracts, a lyric poem, narrative verse or prose, and an impromptu talk related to performance, followed by a discussion with the examiner in which context, interpretation, performance, and performance techniques are examined in relation to the programme presented.

The Licentiate diploma is normally taken at least two years after the Associate and is the equivalent standard to the final year of an undergraduate degree. In addition to specific performance requirements, a written examination unit on supporting theory related to drama and theatre, and a unit of submitted materials on reflective practice, must be completed for the award.

At Licentiate level a 30-minute performance will also include a brief talk on the staging (for stage, TV or film) of a chosen play, and a searching viva voce will include discussion of performance items and of technical and artistic problems related to rehearsal and performance, approaches to characterisation, costume, kinds of staging, and performance styles of special interest to the candidate.

The Trinity Drama and Speech Diplomas Syllabus should be consulted for more information. It gives detailed examination guidance to candidates, with full syllabus requirements, attainment descriptors, and information about methods of assessment.

Follow this link to our page of Diploma Sample Written Papers


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