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Performance Arts: Groups

Groups Performance Arts provides an option for three or more students to be assessed as a group. It is available from Grade 1 to Grade 8, and the number of skills requiring to be demonstrated and the level of accomplishment expected increases as the grades advance.

The degree of performance skill expected for each discipline incorporated within a Performance Arts group performance is the same, grade for grade, as for the relevant subject-specific Trinity College London examinations where they exist. At all levels performance is from memory.

At Foundation level, two performance skills must be demonstrated, and the presentation may be either original or a published sequence. By Grade 3, the group must between them show skill in four performance skills (two of which may be contributory skills). Original work may be used.

From Intermediate level onwards, group-devised material may be part of the performances. By Advanced level, six skills must be demonstrated, and at Grade 8, two contrasting programmes and seven skills. At all grades, introduction and discussion forms part of the assessment.

Each group entry will receive one written report, but every member of a successful Performance Arts group will receive a certificate.

The challenges of this syllabus are enjoyed by multi-talented students  nternationally.

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