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Performance Arts: Pairs

Pairs is a particularly useful option for Performance Arts entries. It allows for a variety of cooperative work, for example with puppets, with comic and stooge, with sword-fighting, with direction, with clowning, magic, natural interaction in dance duo, duologue, duet, and a whole host of other performance arts possibilities.

The Pairs Performance Arts syllabus offers the whole range of grade levels from Grade 1 to Grade 8, and the level of skills required is equal to that of the Solo syllabus (where it exists) for each discipline performed, and parallels that of Acting in Pairs. As the level of difficulty increases, more performance skills are required.

At Grade 8, four performance skills must be incorporated in a 14-minute presentation, together with a shared talk and demonstration about a contributory performance skill.

Each candidate will receive a written report, and, if successful, an individual certifiicate.

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