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Musical Theatre: Pairs

The Pairs syllabus for Musical Thatre offers parallel opportunities to those of Solo, and is similar in structure to Acting in Pairs.

The Pairs option is available from Grade 1 to Grade 8.  The Pairs syllabus offers an excellent focus for specific intensive work on interactive performance skills, and at the same time is a very good option for increasing the confidence of performers in training who have not yet built reliable techniques for solo work.

At Foundation level the candidates perform two pieces that include two of the relevant performance skills (acting, singing, dance, choreographed movement) and have a conversaton with the examiner. Beyond Grade 1, a higher degree of interaction and integration of skills is required. At Intermediate level there is opportunity for devised pieces to be performed, for a short narrative to be performed using an integration of relevant skills, and for improvisation.

At Advanced level performance sequences are performed and improvisation of a scene, or quick-study duet, or an extemporised dance sequence to music provided, are required. For example, the main component at Grade 8 is a thematically linked programme, the pair will also be tested in improvisation or modification of performance following from one of the performed items, and will discuss meaning, interpretation and context in the performed items.

The preparation for a Pairs assessment allows students to experience a great deal of enjoyment while developing valuable skills in improvisation and in the trust necessary for successful stage work.

Each candidate receives a written report and, if successful, an individual certificate.  It is possible for members of a pair to achieve different levels of success.

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