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Musical Theatre: Solo

The Solo syllabus for Musical Theatre is available from Grade 1 to Grade 8. The syllabus is suitable for adults and children. Candidates are advised to select their level of entry carefully with their tutors to match their level of individual performance skills.

The Foundation level (Grades 1–3) is usually taken by children. Memorised performance in character of two contrasting songs is required along with another presentation that might use any combination of prose, dance, movement or song. Improvisation skills are tested too, and at Grade 3 a spoken extract from a play is introduced. Conversation with the examiner is about the prepared pieces.

At Intermediate level (Grades 4 and 5) two contrasting songs are followed by performance of a dance or movement sequence based on one of the prepared songs and a play extract and an extemporised performance (e.g. of the words of a song) are required, together with discussion of the content, context and preparation of the selections.

At Advanced levels the dance routine or movement sequence has more specific requirements and improvisation or modification of performance is tested. At Grade 8 a thematically linked programme that shows integrated use of singing, acting and choreographed movement is required as well as a dance or movement sequence, improvisation or modification of performance and discussion.

This syllabus is a valuable focus for developing individual confidence and consolidating the performance skills of multi-talented performance students, and is a popular choice within the Trinity College London Drama and Speech syllabuses.

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