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Group exams

Trinity’s group exams have been designed to reflect the fact that people participate in the performing arts alongside others and that how they interact with other performers as well as an audience is a skill in itself. Each group graded exam assesses the group’s achievements as a whole.

Specifications valid from 
1 September 2017
            Specifications valid until
31 March 2018
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Group Drama – Devised

Designed for learners who want to focus on creating and performing original work collaboratively.  Candidates perform their own devised pieces as a group.

Group Drama – Scripts

Designed for learners who want to focus on performing scripted work collaboratively. Candidates perform play extracts from a range of periods and styles as a group.

Plays in Production

Designed for learners taking part in any role (including backstage or technical roles) as part of a production and who want feedback and recognition for their achievement.


Summary of areas that feature in the qualifications:


Group Drama - Devised

Group Drama - Scripts

Plays in Production

Perform a scene developed through improvisation



Perform a devised, scripted scene



Improvisation based on set stimuli



Perform a scene or play from memory


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Extra support


Withdrawal of Choral Speaking and Shakespeare grades

Following a review the Shakespeare (solos, pairs and groups) and the Choral Speaking graded exams have been withdrawn. 

Guidance on suitable alternatives can be found as follows:



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