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Solo and Pair exams

Trinity’s solo and pair exams have been designed to support learners as they develop confidence and skills in a range of performance types. Through these exams learners are encouraged to explore a range of material, building performance programmes with which they have a personal engagement and with increasing autonomy as they progress up the levels.


Specifications valid from 
1 September 2017
            Specifications valid until
31 March 2018
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Speech and Drama

Designed for learners who want to engage with a variety of spoken and performance forms. Candidates perform and show knowledge and understanding of play extracts, poetry and prose from different periods and in a range of styles.

Performing Text

Designed for learners who want to engage with the spoken interpretation of a variety of texts. Candidates present and show knowledge and understanding of poetry and prose, with opportunities to explore specific areas including passages written for political or ceremonial purposes and speeches delivered by significant public figures.


The acting solo and pair exams are designed for learners who want to focus on vocal, physical and characterisation skills in dramatic performance. Candidates perform and show knowledge and understanding of play extracts from a range of periods and styles, including engaging with devised theatre.

Performance Certificates

Designed for learners who want to explore a range of performance skills beyond the discipline-specific opportunities offered by the graded exams. Candidates are encouraged to be bold and imaginative in devising their performance programmes, which ideally should reflect their personal interests and enthusiasms and which may include elements of their own original writing, composition, choreography and design.

Summary of areas that feature in the qualifications:


Speech and Drama

Performing Text

Acting (solo)

Acting in Pairs

Candidate’s own writing










Persuasive speech




Play extract





















Discussion to explore understanding


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Extra support


Withdrawal of Choral Speaking and Shakespeare grades

Following a review the Shakespeare (solos, pairs and groups) and the Choral Speaking graded exams have been withdrawn. 

Guidance on suitable alternatives can be found as follows:



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