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Teaching and Applied Drama

Trinity’s range of Diplomas is being updated and some of our higher level qualifications are due to be withdrawn. For more details on which ones, and the timeline for withdrawal please read our news release.

Trinity College London Diplomas in Teaching, Applied Drama, Education Studies and Directing are valuable qualifications for those practitioners wishing to validate their work as teachers, tutors or directors in the fields of drama, speech communication, or musical theatre. At all levels, written work as well as performance or demonstration of practical applications is required.

The ATCL Teaching diplomas may be taken in Speech and Drama or Theatre Arts. The minimum age at entry is 18. The ATCL provides a preliminary qualification broadly equivalent to the first year of a university degree. While it does not confer trained teacher status, it is a valuable qualification for those working towards a Licentiate and working with individuals and small groups in studios, young people's theatre and colleges.

Candidates for the ATCL in Teaching will normally have completed a Grade 8 or Performance Certificate or the equivalent in a Drama and Speech subject such as Speech and Drama: Solo or Musical Theatre: Solo. A candidate for the ATCL Teaching must sit a written paper on principles of teaching related to their discipline, submit prepared written materials including case studies related to teaching experience, and teach a demontration lesson related to their specialism, which is then discussed in a viva voce with the examiner. (Elements of personal performance may appropriately form part of a teaching demonstration, depending on the nature of the planned lesson.)

The Licentiate diploma (LTCL) is usually taken at least two years after the Associate and candidates must be at least 21. Candidates must hold an Associateship in Performing or Teaching. At this level (equivalent to a last year of an undergraduate degree) the requirements are similar to those of the Associate, though more advanced. Candidates may present in one of three disciplines, Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, or Communication Skills. The Trinity College London Licentiate in those subjects is a recognised teaching qualification in the UK and in some other countries.

The Trinity College London Licentiate diploma is also available in Applied Drama for specialist trainers, arts practitioners and facilitators who work using drama as a learning medium. This specialist diploma is evidence that practitioners can plan and deliver effective programmes of work in that field, while not in itself being a teaching qualification.

The advanced diploma of Fellowship (FTCL) Education Studies is awarded to experienced tutors and teachers of Speech and Drama or Musical Theatre who demonstrate mastery of expertise in their profession. There is no performance requirement, but candidates must present a written dissertation related to development skills, which they later use as the basis for a presentation to the examiners on its context, procedure and results.

The FTCL: Directing is an award available to candidates who are experienced directors in the fields of Speech and Drama or Musical Theatre. The main requirement is for a written dissertation on a topic related to the candidate's specific experience of directing and which demonstrates knowledge that is at the forefront of the discipline. Fellowship diplomas require a standard broadly comparable to work at Masters level.

Advice and explanations of complete syllabus requirements, together with attainment descriptors, assessment criteria, examination procedures, and guidance to candidates, are contained in the Trinity College London Drama and Speech Diplomas Syllabus which may be downloaded from the web-site or ordered from the college.

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