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Apply to become a music examiner or marker

Please note that the details shown below are for reference only and applications are currently closed.


Classical & Jazz Examiners

As a music professional, could your expertise, passion and guidance help to shape the next generation of music makers internationally?

At Trinity College London, we see a musical education as an intensely personal journey. Our Classical & Jazz assessments look to explore identity, interpretation and creativity as much as proficiency and technique, which is why we say the exam room is the performance, the examiner the audience.

This approach gives our examiners extraordinary opportunities to share in the music making of people from around the world. Even more powerfully, your expert feedback can play a profound role in shaping their learning.

Who are our examiners?

We look for experienced classical or jazz music professionals – teachers and performers – flexible enough in their arrangements to travel around and beyond the UK for a minimum of 3 weeks a year, including a full week during each peak UK examining period (June and November). All our examiners are independent, freelance, self-employed individuals.

Why work with us?

By delivering our highly regarded assessments, you’ll be upholding a world-leading learning brand. Meanwhile the experience you gain will be rewarding, personally, professionally and financially.


Other roles:

Music Theory Marker

To be eligible to apply to become a Music Theory marker for Trinity you need to:

  • be resident in the UK
  • be available to mark for three weeks following the two annual exam dates in May and November
  • attend a one day standardisation event in London prior to each marking session
  • have the relevant qualifications and experience.


Safeguarding and protection

Trinity College London is committed to safeguarding and protecting the children and young people with whom we work. As such, all posts are subject to a safer recruitment process, including the disclosure of criminal records and vetting checks. We ensure that we have a range of policies and procedures in place which promote safeguarding and safer working practice across the organisation. 

For further details please see Trinity's policies.


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