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Performance Certificates

Performance Certificates are offered by Trinity College London as achievement awards separate from the normal Grade syllabus.

The chief difference between a Performance Certificate examination and a Grade examination is that there is no assessed component of discussion and no impromptu work such as sight-reading or improvisation included. Examination is of performance only. These certificate examinations will suit candidates whose whole focus is upon performance.

They can also be valuably used as a focus for consolidation of performance skills when a candidate has completed a given level in a Drama and Speech Syllabus Grade performance subject but needs further time and practice before advancing.

The subjects in which a candidate for a Performance Award normally needs to have successfully reached a certain standard before entering for a certificate award are: Speech and Drama, Performing Text, Individual Acting Skills, Musical Theatre or Performance Arts.

Performance Certificates are available at four levels:

  • Young Performers (pre Grade 1)
  • Foundation (post Grade 3)
  • Intermediate (post Grade 5)
  • Advanced (post Grade 8)

The examination for Performance Certificates may take place in the presence of an audience.

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