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Professional Performing Arts Diplomas

The Trinity Professional Performing Arts Diplomas are a suite of industry-led qualifications designed for aspiring professional performers in full-time training on a validated course. The diplomas are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework in the following subject areas: Musical Theatre at Level 6 and Dance and Acting at Levels 5 and 6.

Trinity created the diplomas in consultation with top musical theatre, dance and acting training providers in the UK, the Council for Dance Education and Training, the National Council for Drama Training (now Drama UK) and leading industry professionals. They are designed to provide students with the high level performing skills and professional knowledge required to embark upon, and sustain, a viable career as a performer.

The diplomas are the only qualifications that provide access to the UK Government’s Dance and Drama Awards funding scheme.

The qualifications allow each validated provider to design and deliver courses which reflect its own philosophy and specialisms while maintaining a common framework of achievement. Course providers must undergo a rigorous validation process in order to be eligible to offer the diplomas. Students are assessed and moderated throughout their course by established industry professionals.

Following completion of their course, graduates may additionally use their diploma to gain access to further academic programmes leading to BA (Hons) or MA degrees.

Find a course

Prior to registering for a diploma, students must already have successfully auditioned for a place at a Trinity validated course provider.

The qualifications

The Professional Performing Arts Diplomas support aspiring professionals wishing to pursue employment opportunities in the industry by providing formal recognition of the successful completion of full-time performing arts training. Learning outcomes include the development of:

  • imaginative, expressive and technical skills needed to sustain a career as a professional performing artist
  • professional employment skills and a relevant knowledge of the industry
  • transferable skills to enhance both professional and personal progression

Pathways for further study

Middlesex University offers a work-based, part-time distance learning course, developed in association with Trinity College London, for graduates of the Professional Performing Arts Diplomas leading to a BA (Hons) Professional Practice. Graduates may also apply directly for some MA courses.


The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. Qualification Wales is responsible for regulating general and vocational qualifications in Wales.

Trinity College London is regulated by both Ofqual and Qualification Wales, and is a validated member of the Council for Dance Education and Training for its Dance and Musical Theatre qualifications.


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