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Centre Support

Current classroom resources and other support documents/materials are available for Registered Examination Centres to order. If you wish to receive further support such as teacher training workshops, presentations or to conduct a examination session at your centre, please feel free to contact our Examinations Manager for assistance.

If you are a teacher or an institution looking to offer Trinity ESOL qualifications, you will need to become a Registered Examination Centre. To apply to become a Registered Examination Centre, please contact the Head of Examinations at exams@trinitycollege.hk to obtain the New Centre Registration Form. 

Examination documents

NB. All Exam Entry forms on this page are for Registered Exam Centre use only. If you are a non-registered centre or a private candidate, please download entry form from:

GESE: www.trinitycollege.com/site/?id=2392
Drama: www.trinitycollege.com/site/?id=2390 



Session Dates and Fee List

Candidate Entry Form
* This form is for Registered Exam Centres use only. 只供考試中心使用

Private candidates should download the form HERE

GESE Promotional Materials Order Form



Session Dates and Fee List

Entry form for Solo examinations

Entry form for Group/Pair examinations (i.e. Graded exams, YPC, SCA)

* These forms are for Registered Exam Centres use only. 只供考試中心使用

Please email exams@trinitycollege.hk for entry forms.

Drama Promotional Materials Order Form

Replacement certificates

Please refer to www.trinitycollege.co.uk/site/?id=1654

Candidates with special education needs/disabilities

Please include a Special Needs Provision form for each candidate with your entries to explain the nature of the special needs in as much detail as possible at the time of enrolment. First-time entries for dyslexic candidates must be accompanied by a copy of a current psychologist’s report. If candidate has been entered previously, please supply details of any special provisions required.

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