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Accordion Intermediate

Free Bass Accordion

Bach, J.S.

2 part invention No.8 in F BWV779 (from Inventions and Symphonies   BWV 772-801)

Bärenreiter BA5150

Bach, J.S.

No.18 Gavotte from English Suite No.3 in G (from Polyphones Spielbuch book 4)

Preisler JP435/IV

Bach, J.S.

Menuet & Trio from French Suite No.3 (from The French Suites   BWV 812-817)

Bärenreiter BA5166


Fuga in G moll (from Czech Classic Masters)

Barenreiter Praha (ex. Supraphon) H4954

Càrcamo, Juan Carlos

Movement 1 & Movement 4 (from Tarannà Suite for Children No.1 )

Editorial de Música Boileau / MUST UK M3347 / B3347

Clémenti, Muzio

1st Movement from Sonatina in C, Op.36 no.3(from Sonatina in C, Op.36 no.3)

Alfred 8079

Daquin, Louis-Claude

Le Coucou (from Baroque Real Repertoire)

Trinity Faber 5.72E+08

Hovhaness, Alan

Any one movement (from Suite for Accordion)

Peters Edition EP6153

Kabalevsky, Dmitri

No.18 Sonatina, op.27 no.18 (from 30 Children's pieces, Op.27)

Boosey & Hawkes M060113291

Lundquist, Torbjörn

Pastorale (from Partita Piccola)

Hohner MH133282

Murto, Matti

No.1 Herders Pipe (from Images of Summer for Accordion)

Modus Musiikki M067-1

Nagajev, A

Movement No.1 – Awakening (Moderato) (from Children’s suite No.1)

Schmülling Cat No 1162

Precz, Bogdan

No 4 Danza Bucólica (from Suite para Niños No.5)

Bérben 3789

Repnikow, Albin

No.6 – Matrjoschka-Puppen (from Childrens suite No.2)

Schmülling Cat No 1219

Saira, Ari-Matti

Ride an Island Pony (from 10 Stories for Children)

AMS Production ISMN M-706325-08-8

Scarlatti, Domenico

Sonata in F, K. 106 (from 200 Sonatas Vol.1)

EMB Z7817

Scarlatti, Domenico

Sonata in C, K. 309 (from 200 Sonatas Vol.3)

EMB Z8480

Semionov, Viatcheslav

Movement No.4 - Ring (Largo cantabile) (from Childrens suite No.1)

Schmülling Cat No 1011

Semionov, Viatcheslav

Movement No.5 – Noisy Harmonika (Allegro Vivace in G) (from Childrens suite No.2)

Schmülling Cat No 1010

Travers, J

Cornet Voluntary (from Old English Organ Music for Manuals Book 1)

OUP 978-0-19-375824-7

Zolotariev, Vladislav

Movement No.2 – A Stroll (Camminando) (from Childrens suite No.2)

Schmülling Cat No 1056


Standard Bass Accordion

Boccosi, Bio

Piccola Barcarola

Bérben 556

Camilleri, Charles


M.A.P. Editions

Camilleri, Charles

No.2 Meditation & No.3 Dance of the Spartans (from Suite Populaire No.3)

Hohner H133342

Derbenko, Jewgeni

No.4 Cock Fight (from Kleine Suite)

Schmülling Cat No: 1206

Ettore, Eugene

Tarantella Abruzzese

M.A.P. Editions

Frossini, Pietro

Bel Viso

M.A.P. Editions

Makkonen, Petri

A Scent of the Summer (from Five pieces for accordion)

AMS Production ISMN 979-0-706325-21-7

Makkonen, Petri

Jibadaba (from Songs for Accordion)

FAI 113

Melocchi, Vittorio

Il Vecchio Organetto (from Quadretti Armoniosi)

Bérben 203

Moszkowski, Arr. Shaw

Spanish Dance no. 1

Kestrel KP77/1

Repnikow, Albin

Basso Ostinato

Schmülling Cat No: 1026

Repnikow, Albin

Movement No.4 March (from Childrens Suite No.1)

Schmülling Cat No: 1201

Saira, Ari-Matti

Yuri from St Petersburg (from 10 Stories for Children)

AMS Production M-706325-08-8

Schenderjov, Georgi

Movement No.1 Dumka (from Russische Bilder)

Schmülling Cat No: 1228

Trad. Arr Pando

Clarinet Polka

Bérben 2216

Trad. Arr. Lowthian

No.13 Mrs MacLeod of Raasay (Drum kit bass!) (from Scottish folk tunes for Accordion)

Schott ED12885

Trad. Arr. Saira

Troikka (from Accordion player's Travel Radio)

AMS Production ISMN M-706325-18-7

Trad. Russian  Arr. Saira

Kalinka (from Accordion Player's Suitcase)

AMS Production


Retour des hirondelles (from Musette Melodien)

Holzschuh VHR1778

Zilcher, Herman

Jahrmarktsbilder (from Album für Akkordeon)




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