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ESOL Step 1 and 2 (UK)

Trinity’s ESOL Step 1 and Step 2 exams are designed for adult candidates living in the UK with basic English communication skills who aren’t yet ready for ESOL Skills for Life exams.

Step exams give students the opportunity to mark progress in their English speaking and listening learning while working towards entry level ESOL qualifications.

These exams are taken at Trinity registered exam centres. They can be taken on demand and are available at the same time as Trinity’s ESOL Skills for Life exams.

Exam format

Step 1 and 2 exams have the same format - an unscripted one-to-one conversation with a Trinity examiner where candidates are given the opportunity to demonstrate their English language communication skills. The candidate listens and responds to the examiner’s questions verbally and also through gesture and simple actions.

Examiners use a variety of materials to engage the candidate’s interest and help the candidate demonstrate the language being tested. These materials may include pictures, everyday objects and reference to the immediate surroundings in the exam room or centre.

Exams in progress

Watch sample videos of Step exams by clicking on the videos below. You should always view the videos together with the Trinity marks and reasons (PDF, 147KB). This will help you understand the performance expected and required at each exam grade.


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