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Course aims and objectives

The CertICT aims to equip language teachers and trainers with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively use ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in their own teaching or training contexts.

The aims and objectives of this qualification are to:

  • develop and consolidate your basic IT skills
  • develop your familiarity with a wide range of Web 2.0 tools and how to use them effectively for language teaching
  • explore the pedagogical underpinnings of effective ICT use
  • develop your familiarity with concepts such as mobile learning, blended learning and the flipped classroom, and to consider how these might enhance your current teaching
  • build a critical awareness of a range of ICT materials
  • consider ICT within your syllabus and how to integrate it in class
  • develop your awareness of the various contexts and cultural constraints in which ICT may be used
  • consider how to integrate ICT and assessment in your context
  • understand what current research says about how ICT can support and develop students’ language learning
  • develop your awareness of how to continue your own professional development in ICT-related areas
  • create, implement, and reflect on a final technology-based lesson plan or project


The course is hands-on and firmly based in your own classroom practice. You will leave the course confident not only in using a range of ICT tools with your learners, but also with an increased awareness of broader pedagogical issues at play when integrating ICT into your teaching.

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