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New syllabus releases

The 2014-2016 Percussion syllabus is now available. For full details on the changes to this syllabus, including overlap arrangements, please see our Guide to Percussion syllabus changes page.

In July and August 2014, new syllabuses for Piano, Electronic Keyboard & Organ, Woodwind, Jazz Woodwind, Brass and Singing will be available for 2015. Throughout 2015, a year long overlap arrangement will be in place.

The Bowed Strings & Harp and Guitar: Classical & Plectrum syllabuses will be extended for another year and reprinted for 2015 with exactly the same contents.


When our syllabuses need to be reprinted we will also make any corrections and updates as necessary - for example due to a publication going out of print.  

Candidates should always check that they have the most recent impression of the syllabus. The impression number can be found at the bottom of the inside front page of each syllabus. The latest impressions are listed below (last updated January 2014):


Piano 2012-2014 

3rd impression: Nov 2012

Percussion 2011-2013

2nd impression: May 2011

Percussion 2014-2016

1st impression: Sep 2013

Electronic Keyboard & Organ 2013–2014

2nd impression: Feb 2013

Woodwind  2013–2014

2nd impression: Aug 2013

Jazz Woodwind 2013–2014

2nd impression: Aug 2013

Strings: Bowed Strings & Harp 2013-2014

2nd impression: Feb 2013

Singing 2013-2014 

2nd impression: Feb 2013

Brass 2013-2014   

2nd impression: Feb 2013

Guitar: Classical & Plectrum 2013-2014

2nd impression: Feb 2013

Theory of Music from 2009

3rd impression: Nov 2012

Diplomas (Performance & Teaching) from 2009

5th impression: Jul 2013

Diplomas (Theory & Composition) from 2009

3rd impression: Dec 2012

Information & Regulations from 2013

1st impression: Dec 2012



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